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The Sigri Arts Retreat is a series of arts workshops, taught by established artists and catering for all levels. We are mainly focused on painting and creative writing, but our aim is to expand to all the arts (theatre, dance, music, etc), and therefore, we welcome any professionals who would like to use our infrastructure to host their own workshops in the idyllic setting  of Sigri, Lesvos.

In today's world where critical thinking and individuality are being suppressed by the speed of a 21st-century lifestyle, it is vital to nurture creativity. It is creative thinking that will help us address and solve the problems we are facing.


We, Tomas and Cindy (the founders of the Sigri Arts Retreat), are both artists. Tomas paints, Cindy writes. During our careers of over 25 years as artists and teachers and having worked with people between the ages of 11 and 75 (that’s in the same classroom!), we have seen that what is important in the act of creating is not talent but finding and being aligned with your truth, whatever that may be. When people connect with themselves, they are able to create things that inspire.  And it is through creating that people heal, transform, become unstuck.



There are some places in the world that allow people to relax, let go of expectations, roles, and stress; this, in turn, opens the path for them to connect with themselves.  Sigri is one such place;  this is one of the reasons we have chosen it as the setting for our workshops.  Its raw nature has the ability to bring inner stillness and stir the creative spirit. And, we want to share Sigri with you.

Since 2015, the island of Lesvos has become known worldwide mainly because of the refugee crisis. The openness and creativity that the local population has shown to those washing up on its shores has been an example of humanity for the whole world. By choosing to attend the Sigri Arts Retreat, you will be supporting Lesvos, the island which has been bearing the burden of this global humanitarian crisis.


Muse, Awaken...!


Tomas painting, by Roberto Prual Reavis

Cindy with Beret, oil on paper,Tomas Watson

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